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Art Creations
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Trade Activities

Has been voted three times as a member of the Administrative Board of the Greek Chamber of Arts «E.E.T.E.»
Has also been a president of the conservacy of Sculpture.
Now is a member of the Administrative Board of E.E.T.E. and member of the committee of Educations and Public Relations.
Has been chosen as an Executive and President of the Sculptures School of Greece. Has helped in organising and editing of many exhibitions of the club, in Athens and in many other cities and has organised.
Has organised the exhibition of the Paleo Faliro in 1985 for the schedule of «Athens Political Capital of Europe».
Has been voted as a vice chairman and is one of the founders of the Enosis of Art Professors.

Educational Project
Educated for three years an assistant of professor CHAUVENET in the Laboratory of the Monumental Sculpture, in the Royal School of Fine Arts (Paris).
Has teached as a Professor of Philosophy in High Schools since the start of this career.
Has teached for the creation of publication to the K.A.T.E.E. of Athens (now TEI of Athens) in the Decoration School.
Has been teaching art lessons in High Schools and Junior High Schools, Marasleios Academy, S.E.L.D.E of Athens, Marasleios Teaching Class, National and Capodestrian University of Athens, Educational Institute, DE.A.D.A, Visual Laboratory of Minicipality of Argyroypolis.
Teaching and redaction of programs for Arts Education to the «PLATON» Schools (parrarel redaction of the Conference and of the 1993-94 programs. Also teaching and redaction of the arts in the Schools of : ZOIS, Argyroupolis, Elsssaveteion and kindergarden of Rozy in Glyfada)